It was sometime later after setting up home with my now partner Mark we decided for some unknown reason to change direction for our weekly shop.It was to be a decision that changed our lives for many years to come.We found ourselves looking down at a beautiful kitten needing a home so instead of coming home with washing up liquid and potatoes we arrived back at the house with a cat instead.” Sapphire” as we called her grew to be the most  beautiful white persian you ever saw.


The saying one cat leads to another is definately true in our case as it was only two weeks before a phonecall from a nearby resident asking if we were interested in a six week old persian blue kitten. She certainly sounded like a suitable companion so we wasted no time in getting “Gemma ” settled in.


Four years passed and ourselves and the two girls had settled into a great life here in Mallorca.Often we would astound  passers by who were not used to seeing us walking two persian cats on leads through the middle of a busy tourist area. The girls loved all the attention and fuss they received but it did come with a few strange looks.

Persian (Long haired Blues and Whites) in Mallorca

Gemma, on the left, Sapphire (on top of the sofa) and “Clara” on the right.

The morning a friend called to say she had to return to england was sad as she was unable to take her silver persian kitten with her.She needed to find a home for “Clara” as soon as possible.Efforts to rehome her failed and the day of departure arrived. It was quite a surprise for me to return home after work to find “Clara” in our main bedroom and my new satin curtains in shreds. Youv,e guessed it Mark had decided we would take her in and she was going to join our family.


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