Any cat owner will know that no two cats are alike and each with their own personality.In our house it was Sapphire who was the boss, the white deaf persian,who sat where she wanted, ate first and got the lap she desired.Clarence the quiet tormentor who loved to wind up the others then run away, and then Gemma.

I knew Gemma was special from the day i met her and she was my baby ,almost immediately she followed me everywhere.Anyone else wouldv,e put her out on the street but we changed the way we lived because of her for the next 19years. Gemma was the loving little girl who had the inability to meow ,although sometimes a little squeak did come out. It was kinda cute and made you give in to her for more cuddles no matter what you were doing.Unfortunately she believed anything on the floor belonged to her [much to the horror of  friends visiting who dared to put their handbag on the floor]. Many a time i was embarassed offering to buy a new one while she sat there as if butter wouldn,t melt in her mouth. We took her to the vet and she had every test done and we followed all the behaviour problem advice but still she could not be trusted. She would welcome you with a big cuddle ,a purr and then walk over in front of you and and wee in your shoes.In the end we lived with waterproof covers on sofas,beds and with bath mats hung up when not in use, and the local launderette knew us and her  by first names. “gemma again” was usually the phrase. I think they thought we were the mad animal people.And apart from getting frustrated at not noticing the cover was fully on and having to buy yet another sofa she stayed with us for 19years. We never did understand why she was so naughty but all i can say is she was very lucky it was us she found.




    • Gemma was my little girl and got away with murder Jo , you don,t know how many times i stuck up for her . Everytime she weed on the sofa or bed and she heard Mark say i don,t believe it.not again . She would run straight to me squeaking to be lifted and just look at him as if to say see mummy loves me !!!

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