Our work in Andorra was fun and something we thought we couldv,e done every winter,but unfortunately it was cut short due to Mr Clarence being unwell.He really couldn,t adjust to the change, the constant noise of ski lifts and activity outside the apartment frightened him. During the daytime he would hide away and only venture out in the evening when things became quiet.His illness the vet most certainly put down to stress and an operation to remove kidney stones made us realize that it was more important to get him back to his familiar surroundings in sunny Mallorca. Once back home he returned to his normal self and good health.


Living with Sapphire or” bat cat” as we sometimes called her meant keeping an eye open that she was in sight when a window was ajar. It happened on two occasions that she decided to leap straight off the balcony. [ i hasten to add that both times we were living just one floor up and no harm was done ], but it did cause a lot of concern. The first time she done it knowing that a deaf cat could not hear us call was worrying enough but knowing she would not hear any traffic on the main road outside was even more frightening. As darkness fell i was scared and cried a lot, until i had a brainwave idea to walk the streets with a laser pen. This believe it or not lead us to our little girl who was keen for a game chasing the little red dot along the street. At least long enough for us to pick her up and get her back to safety of the our home.

The next time was a few years later when we moved ,and we were introduced to our Belgium neighbour downstairs.He knocked on the door with Sapphire in his arms saying ” I think this belongs to you “. His story being that he was sitting in his garden having his morning coffee and reading his paper when he nearly had a heart attack as a large ball of white fluff came flying through the air and landed in his lap. From that day onwards she only ever went out on a lead with us



Gemma on the other hand continued to be as gorgeous but as naughty as ever. I can still remember Mark,s face as the lovely new sofa was delivered. It happened in seconds as we took the plastic covering off, Gemma jumped on and youv,e guessed it christened it right there infront of our eyes!!!!!  I couldv,e cried as we had saved up for quite a while to be able to afford it and boy was she lucky that yet again she didn,t find herself out on the street. I simply rang the sofa company and ordered a brand new cushion and got the waterproof covers on quick,while sitting there pretending there wasn,t a large gap in the middle of us. We had to spend a week like that until the new one arrived. 


Clarence had an obsession with climbing and you could often find him hanging from the ceiling after climbing up the venetian blinds. A strange sight if friends came round to see him just hanging there looking down at you. As earlier stated he ruined a brand new set of satin curtains by running up and down them. He even once scaled an outside pebble dashed wall.Sometimes i wondered if we lived in a madhouse.


For many years our furry family shared our lives and our home with many a tale to tell for the future. They all lived happy and healthy lives until 2012 with ages between 19 and 21 years. I took their passing quite bad and wasn,t sure whether i was able to let another feline friend into my heart,but sometimes things happen for a reason and the future holds a very happy but also a very sad time for us which proves we were meant to do something.



It was sometime later after setting up home with my now partner Mark we decided for some unknown reason to change direction for our weekly shop.It was to be a decision that changed our lives for many years to come.We found ourselves looking down at a beautiful kitten needing a home so instead of coming home with washing up liquid and potatoes we arrived back at the house with a cat instead.” Sapphire” as we called her grew to be the most  beautiful white persian you ever saw.


The saying one cat leads to another is definately true in our case as it was only two weeks before a phonecall from a nearby resident asking if we were interested in a six week old persian blue kitten. She certainly sounded like a suitable companion so we wasted no time in getting “Gemma ” settled in.


Four years passed and ourselves and the two girls had settled into a great life here in Mallorca.Often we would astound  passers by who were not used to seeing us walking two persian cats on leads through the middle of a busy tourist area. The girls loved all the attention and fuss they received but it did come with a few strange looks.

Persian (Long haired Blues and Whites) in Mallorca

Gemma, on the left, Sapphire (on top of the sofa) and “Clara” on the right.

The morning a friend called to say she had to return to england was sad as she was unable to take her silver persian kitten with her.She needed to find a home for “Clara” as soon as possible.Efforts to rehome her failed and the day of departure arrived. It was quite a surprise for me to return home after work to find “Clara” in our main bedroom and my new satin curtains in shreds. Youv,e guessed it Mark had decided we would take her in and she was going to join our family.


It was of no surprise after moving to this wonderful #island of Mallorca  it wasn,t long before i took in a stray kitten who i named” Champers”…..[ i think it mustv,e been after my favourite tipple at the time ] Being originally a feral cat it was not uncommon for him to not come home and only did so when he wanted to.I often wondered if he had found a second home somewhere else in the neighbourhood. Sadly it was while i was on holiday and he was in the care of a neighbour he decided to move out completely.Perhaps  his other home had better home comforts or even a companion, i will never know but despite numerous attempts to find him he never returned. I wouldImage like to think he lived a long and healthy life with someone else who loved him as much as i did. I have very fond memories of this very independant little boy.

Introducing myself

Miss Molly and I

My name is Sue and i presently share my life with three rescue cats here in Mallorca. Two males , one called Garth and the other Max and a female called Molly. Having had cats all my life and my previous ones living to grand ages of between 19 and 21 years, i thought it was the right time to adopt a cat and on seeing an advert in the local newspaper for a pure white persian cat i decided it would be a good idea to give a good home to a very needy cause. Although very new to blogging  i hope to give you an idea of what living with cats is all about, the good times, the very funny times and sometimes the very frustrating times too.