In 2002 the opportunity arose to live and work in Andorra for the winter season. An offer of work for both Mark and myself plus free accomodation was too good to be true. But there it was and fortunately for us the director of the hotel mustv,e been an animal lover as he agreed to let us bring the three cats.[ we had already decided that if our family couldn,t go then neither would we .

The journey from our home in Mallorca ,with a small car full to the top with music equipment,furry family and as many of our personal things to make it like home was not the most enjoyable. We broke up the 16hr journey with regular stops for coffee and food and a walk with the cats on their leads. I can still remember their little faces of shock but excitement as they jumped down into the unknown territory of fresh snow for the first time.


Our home for the next 4 months was to be a small appartment in a very large block where you could literally ski yourself home to your front door.We never got formally introduced to the next door neighbours but we knew they were there. I think they left their balcony door open permantly as you could hear every word.

Everyday we could hear the wife telling him where she was going,what time she would be home ,even what she would cook for dinner, She would moan about her day at work  and although we never did see anything of Elvis himself she often spoke his name and we at one point assumed he mustv,e been one of the local tribute acts with a big ego.


The day i heard her say ” Elvis come back here, where do you think your,e going”. Feeling like a bit of a nosey neighbour while thinking they must be having a fall out, I poked my head out the window  to see…………

The most beautiful black and white cat looking back at me as if to say ” can a guy not get any privacy ” as he jumped into the newly fallen snow and christened it .The weather was bad that day and so he promptly jumped back up onto the balcony and into the arms of his rock and roll loving mum and the warmth of their appartment.

That told me eh !





Unlike the other two cats  Sapphire the pure white one didn,t seem to wake from her sleep when we arrived home at night or to the shaking of the box of biscuits.” i,m sure she,s deaf” said Mark clicking his fingers next to her head and getting no response. Having already had 2 white cats before i knew this could be a possibility.., but instead of just accepting it i insisted that we make an appointment at the vets for proper tests and confirmation . We got it ……60 euros later ….the vet clicked his fingers next to the cats head and nodded saying ” yes the cats deaf “. I,m sure Mark really wanted to say ” i told you so ” but he never did .We just knew that from now on we could never justImage come home without first  walking in front  of her and waving hello as stroking her from behind while she was sleeping would end up with a cat on the ceiling from shock .


Mr Clarence who at this point was thought to be Clara.Believing in responsible cat ownership we decided to make an appointment with our local vet for a check up.She was originally from someone we knew who had looked after her well for 8 months so surely we would not get any bad news. I would call it more of a surprise to find out that Clara was not a female Persian but a handsome male Longhair cat. [ When you think about it ,maybe it shouldv,e been quite obvious ]. So as it happened our new little baby went in as “Clara” and came out as ” Mr. Clarence “.Image