My #love of cats and all animals goes back to when i was very young.What started with one dog ended up a whole family of animals both inside and outside our family home. Often my mother would take in a poorly or lost animal saying “just for a few days” or “until we can find the owner”,but by then myself and my brothers had already chosen the name and had taken the responsibility of feeding and caring for the animal and so they stayed.Every animal you can think of spent many a long life with us from dogs ,cats, birds, rabbits, mice, right down to aquarium fish and tortoise in the garden.We all loved animals and i can still remember the day my younger brother went out for petrol for the car and came back with a cold and frightened kitten under his jacket,which was found by the roadside of the garage. Joby as we called him ended up living with us for the next 19 years.Image


Introducing myself

Miss Molly and I

My name is Sue and i presently share my life with three rescue cats here in Mallorca. Two males , one called Garth and the other Max and a female called Molly. Having had cats all my life and my previous ones living to grand ages of between 19 and 21 years, i thought it was the right time to adopt a cat and on seeing an advert in the local newspaper for a pure white persian cat i decided it would be a good idea to give a good home to a very needy cause. Although very new to blogging  i hope to give you an idea of what living with cats is all about, the good times, the very funny times and sometimes the very frustrating times too.